The poetic beauty of ancient cities


Zadar, Nin, Skradin and Starigrad Paklenica area is famous not only for its rich cultural and historical heritage but also for its natural breathtaking beauty. Experiencing this beauty through the stories of Peter Zoranić Ninjanin is a small miracle, and in the poet’s mountain dream and the meeting with fairies you will feel the beauty of cities, villages, rivers, mountains and forests.

Let sunny Zadar and Nin, cities with a rich history, captivate you. Be hypnotized by the starry nights, and the flora and fauna of the Velebit mountain and the canyon of the River Krka.

The unmissable and supreme beauty of Paklenica, named after tar - pine resin - is rich in limestone pavements, pits and caves. These are best seen while walking, and when in the fields you will fi nd lilies and orchids, and on the rocks sage and heather, and there will be no end to your enthusiasm.

  • Walking along the Paklenica paths of fairies and winds
  • Zadar 
  • Participating in demonstration of natural production of salt in Nin Saltworks
  • Enjoying the uninterrupted views over some of Croatia’s finest natural landscapes in Krka National park
  • Tourist packages range from 3 - 5 days
  • Packages are available from 1 April - 15 June
  • suitable for groups from 6 to 45 people

Professional guides are available in Croatian, English, German, Italian and French, and other languages upon request.

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